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World Cup Drama? I loikkee

I am not really a World Cup fan. But since the Astro is down here in the living room (initially for Yuni to watch TVIQ),
and since one out of 3 matches daily is in an eligable time-frame to watch, I start to join the Men-Troop of the house (Hubby, Dad and Brother).

If any would ask me, "Which team do you support?" Please be aware that I'm awakward to say which cause basically, I don't really have a fave team.

And in the end, I'll be saying "England! Cause David Beckam is playing"
In reality? I didn't even watch a single England game back in 2006. hahaha...

Ok. Back then, mom and dad were actually against Astro. So, we had to watch TV1?TV2? which we had not much clear view.. hehe

Ok, back to the main point of talking about soccer;
Heard it in the radio this morning about the practice-boicott of France Team against their director. Yup.
Kinda reminds me of our small-tiny Band-Practice Boicot back in the "rebellious teen years"

(though actually, we were all planning on Drama-Block Script Writing that current day)

Check out the news here.
(ooohh... I just loove gossip and dramasss... :P)

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