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Arena Cyberjaya- Tipu pelanggan bayar dua nasi ayam, bagi satu sahaja!

Arena, Cyberjaya has a food court with easy access and parking for people working around Cyberjaya. Lots of food choices, but one of the stalls there preparing Nasi Ayam (Normal one, bukan penyet ye) conned @sayachomel, one of my colleague today, 22nd Feb 2011. She paid for 2 packs of Nasi Ayam at one stall most right part of the Arena. (please refer picture) It's a stall with less customers, or rather Take Reti Jaga Customers, maybe? She's supposed to get 2 Nasi Ayam, but after reaching back at office, discovered that there was only one pack (for only one person). Alooo? Tak busy pon boleh silap ke? Or, saja je silap???


Yeah.. yeah... Sayla what your reasons are... If you were honest a little bit of the way and took effort for delivering good service to your customers, you would have run to catch up with my friend here delivering her Nasi Ayam. Ape, takde kaki ker?


Oh, ya ya... It's okay, tomorow we can go back to your stall and ask for a refund, but how about the feelings of your customer who had to wait 24 hours to get a refund?! Hei, lapar tau tak!

Memanglah banyak lagi restoran/kedai/stalls around Cyberjaya. But, for the record, we will remember you for your bad/dishonest service to us. Biasalah... Adat dalam bisnes, kan? Hah.


So, if you have the opportunity to dine for lunch at Arena, Cyberjaya, make sure you count your change correctly and you "tapaus" correctly too becaus that Nasi Ayam stall on the right side of the Arena.... They don't do it for you!

Peace! (but customer service mesti kena jaga jugaaaaaaa)

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