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A lovely weekend

I have found a great reason to head back to hubby's hometown despite the restless ride and sometimes irritating kids:
Quality time spent with Yuni and focusing to only yuni. No house chores etc. Just me, playing and educating Yuni.

Something I learned and would not like to be a part of is Family Politics. Some people wants to be in the winning party, some are backstabbers, some are the opposition. But, I like to be the Raja-Raja. Neutral in all ways.

When you are not sure at what point is the story, don't budge in. Stay away. You wouldn't want to know, that's why they always talk about it in the kitchen. Heh.

To me, they are just too busy with everyone elses problem. They like to play the Wise one. Oh, I had 6 labors and I had diabetes earlier than you.. So I get the power to chose what you should do, where you should be in certain situation... If you disobey, I will talk bad about you in the kitchen forever... (Something like this)
My MIL, she may not be the best to pick up knowledge(or may I say gossips) or even do quick decisions, but she runs away. She doesn't stay around to listen to bad things in the kitchen. I respect her for that.

Why am I talking about this? Because it is sooo related to Malaysia's Politics. Teruk kan? I will pray hard and work hard to make sure Family Politics, don't tear apart families in the future! Hihihi.. Amacam? Wanna vote me for Datuk Sharizat's seat next election? Politic keluarga pon xtahan lg nk politik negara.. Piiiirahhh fieza!


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