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Back active with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Alasan. Hahaha..

Mode: Currently watching yesterday`s Upin Ipin on PVR with Yuni, of course.

Totally officially moved into our new house. Waited until Pak Uda Enol`s wedding over before moving out with the remaining 20% of stuff here.
Still got loads of unpacking and cleaning to do before delivering my second baby next month. Oh, how time flies.

Still remembered the bleeding I had at 8 weeks of pregnancy. The hyper-thyroid visits etc. *natsukashi*

Yuni also matured into Kakak Mode over the months. Though I still haven`t started on her potty training yet. Dah fully pindah, batu nak start.. Ok, hopefully she could be fully potty-trained before Adiik comes around. *Amin*

And I still have my pantang homework to do. Like deciding on how long I should be here in Klang (well, at least until after berurut 3 har) and how long should I be there in Subang Jaya. I need to lisst out my pantang menus. Kalau dulu, 100% depend on the elders on what they feed me. At least now, I want to control my own diet especially during pantang. (which of course includes Salmon menu everyday).

Other than that, I need to start out on my little garden. Pasu dah ada (thanks to MIL), benih dah ada... Now only the visit to the nursery to get the correct soil and fertilizer. Next is the para2 to place the pasu. I am thinking of reforming the old almari into the para2 since the house doesn`t really have so much space for furnitures. Heheh.. Can`t wait!

Alhamdulillah, all my plans are on schedule. I hope everything goes on well from no onwards. Amin!

1 comment:

fiezaradzi said...

all d best, fieza... potty training tu tak pe, nnti dah besar dia ok.. tapi kena jar la kan.. slow2 tak pe..