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Big Changes Needs Big Patients

Mudah nak menyebut ayat di atas pada mulut tapi, pada hati? Aduhai, kenapalah keras sangat ni.

Report kena hantar pukul 12pm. Puku; 10 nak derive data from server, tengok access limited. Mengapa? Isnin baru-baru ni boleh saja.... Is it because...

Boss dah bertukar? Boss tukarkan saya? Pasal tu view authority access kena revoke?
Boss dah hantar borang untuk transfer saya?

Kan dah fikir macam2...

Yes, actually last Wednesday, boss call from SG masa tengah lunch. Being a dedicated employee, angkat juga telefon just before masuk kedai makan. Sumo Restaurant, Cyberjaya.

Expecting kena hantar report, or request untuk buat something...
Rupa-rupanya, dia nak transfer I ke department lain yang kononnya memerlukan I.

It was like lighting struck my heart. Pierced, pierced and pierced deeply. Scars developing everywhere. It was just unexpected. But still, being an obedient employee, I listened and accepted the transfer. I didn't say a thing. I didn't even ask for the reason, 

"Boss, why did you choose to transfer me?"

"Did I do something wrong?"

"Did I disappointed you in any other way?"

"Was my work below your expectation?"

While others envy my transfer looking it as a big leap on up the career ladder, I was just incomplete. I am full of doubt, worries until I can hear the reason of transfer from my Boss.

But still hadn't have the guts to confront him now.

Currently I am choosing the silent way. I will devote my full strength and ability to fulfill you request boss, until the last day of my career under your wings.

And I swear to make you regret letting me go!!

P/S: Macam break dengan pakwe je

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