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The day I stop jumping

This is the day I stop jumping and running away from people.

Okay peeps! Come and get me...

I kept on running away after 4 years from this world till I got fed up and start to settle down here in blogspot. The place where I began "blogging"...I think it is still the best place to be...Well, since everyone is nearby...hihihi (no offence)

My first from my office. Today's a tiring day. I plan to head back home and get some sleep. Tomorrow's another big day.

I hope with the new me coming out of the "tempurung kelapa" will change me to the better.

Se ya tomorrow!

Ouen yoroshiku na!


rina-chan said...

wehh,nande ya nen!!;( doushita??
samishi yo,huhu!moshi kashite??

kouchan143 said...


I guess I got fed-up with Wordpress... trying to edit layout, putting up mp3s and stuff...

It was just too much a hassle back there...But, I do like the special security they provided.
I just wanted more...hehehe