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2008 Resolution

Didie-sama came back to Malaysia on 23rd Dec 2007 and still currently in Malaysia. I've summed up all the photos while she stayed in K.L.

We ate a lot.... She craved for all the food she couldn't eat in Japan. So we drove almost everywhere...hehe...

Really missed all those good times when we were back in Japan...all 5 of us (don't forget to include K.Dell) We were close....Almost everyone had their own role in the group.

Anie would be the quiet one. But, once she rages.... you could expect the worst words from her. Other than that, she's cool.

Didie would be the anti-social type with guys. But, kinda social with us. The out-going type among us. She almost never says No to karaoke back then...Still like that...

Ezri-sama would be the oneesan type but so cool. People would have mistaken her for our batch because she's young at heart. And she never berkira!

Dell-sama would be the motherly type. Though sometimes...come think of it....most of the time she would be the "cuak" type...Doing all the worrying and stuff. But she's good at giving advices especially to us juniors.

Me? I dunno.... I would be the Jyaniz freak type, I guess. I was quite tempered back then...hehehe... And the "willing to try anything new" type, I guess.

Boy, sometimes I missed those times...Its good to have memories like this...When we gather around, we have a lot of things to talk about and it doesn't matter how many times you do re-run on the story...We'll always laugh it out the same way. *hehehehe*

My 2008 new year resolution;
1. Make more sweet memories like these with girlfriends.
2. Practice cooking more often.
3. Be able to make something usefull out of cross-stich skills
4. Save RM 10k...ASB loan not included.
5. Eat healthy & exercise regularly.
6. Be less "bebai"

I feel so refreshed and energetic thinking of where to start.
Wish me luck!


Good luck and All The Best in achieving your 2008 new year resolution!!

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