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Wedding invitation

Love the title!

But, alas! Its not me getting married here. hehehe....

Well, after granted the permission to spread the words around....

Iyna a.k.a Ono a.k.a Cici is getting married on 7th March this year! Venue is Masjid Wilayah...(dah puas tease her about doing it Siti-style...ehhehe)

Congratulations! Go-kekkon Omedetou Gozaimasu!!

She asked me to spread the words around to our batch STF959 and RPKJ batch 19.

No wedding cards was involved in this process. Therefore, you guys will have to click on her wedding website for RSVP and guestbook.

Spread the words and love around, my dear friends!

Peace! *ngantok mode HIGH*

p/s: Click at the linked verse *Congrats...*

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