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Sila buang undi di tempat yang betul

Wedding gift from me and Rina

Woken up by the sound of police sirens several times. Silently thinking this is how they make national wake up calls for people in Subang....

Yesterday went for Ono & Lamset's wedding. She was...I'm not sure how to say it...a bit startled? to see me and Rina...hehehe...*It haven't been that long since the last time I saw her...1 year ago in Kyoto?* was a simple wedding...Since the venue was at Masjid Wilayah, I guess they weren't going for the fancy type of wedding. Talked to Ono...both of them are heading back to Japan this Wednesday.
The wedding was organized and coreographed by Ono's mom.

Ono said only one thing..."Restu Ibu..."

Yup, after all....Itulah yang bakal semua hadapi dan telah hadapi. As long as everyone's happy. I seriously don't mind simple weddings because it was so cozy and relaxing. We get to talk more to friends rather than rushing all the way just to get pictures taken....*giggles...*

And I also get to meet Zurah's "friend" who is a good me lah....I'm amature....Forgive my amature point of view. We had Rina with the big camera too. Sampai makcik yang duduk satu meja pon takut tgk camera besar2 kitorang....hehehe...

Ok....End of wedding stories...I don't know about you guys laa....but I always have this "After-going-to-friend-wedding" syndrome... Sangat seronok! But lepas tu sangat desperate *sangat segan dan sukar untuk mengaku* Happy for friends one time and the next minute...."Oh s*it! When is it gonna be my turn!?" hehehe...

Well, that was what happened yesterday...Today's another big day...Voters go throw their votes...I go throw my money somewhere at TGV....Girls collegue day out today at Sunway Pyramid :) Katanya nak tgk Duyung...harharhar...Quote,"Hmm...Boleh cakap Bahasa Melayu, tak?"-Maya Karin-

So peeps...have a nice day! Be nice...The polices are all out there on the streets today.Peace!

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AM said...

fieza, nanti datang my wedding pula ya on the 5th next month! wedding invi is OTW!