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Berat untuk meluahkan...Tapi, luah jugak lah..

If you despise the country you live in, go live somewhere else.

" Saya tak jumpa lagi perempuan Malaysia yang cantik, perempuan Jepun ramai yang cantik"

"Kalau parti pembangkang jadi kerajaan, saya nak pindah duduk negara lain"

"Saya tak boleh la duduk kampung, bosan. Asyik tengok pokok je..."

"Malasla nak buat kerja ni...menyusahkan. Kerja senang sikit takde ker?"

"Jepun lagi seronok kak...Saya tak tahu apa yang seronok dekat Malaysia ni"

I have never ever in my life met someone soooooooo honest to his feelings and dare enough to say it out loud without thinking of the consequences of others listening to his comments.

If I was to be honest to myself, I'd say... The person saying this is immatured and snobbish. Fullstop.

I do respect personal opinions, but remember dear, that everything you say resembles your personality. If not 100%, at least 80%. It also shows your characteristic and your lifestyle. And when you talk more often, we can see the pattern of your speech, and sooner or later could predict the actual you just by your opinion and the way you talk. Predictions will be made in the end on what kind of person you are.

I am not saying that I know you inside out, but from your "daitan na hatsugen"...You could be...someone who wants everything to come rolling the easy way. Someone who either have never tasted hardship all your life or just plainly brought up spoilt. *never ever saying that twice*

Plus, you have lost a part of what is said to be, sopan santun dan tatasusila budaya timur. Most probably due to being too obsessed with other culture or just plain ignorance to grow up and face the actual world.

You chose to run away rather than facing up the challange. To you, why take up time and endless effort when there is always an easy exit? is always the excuse. You look down to others who are working hard and staying back late. You "memperkecil-kecilkan" people who can't afford to become as highly standard as YOU. People who are not blessed with wealth from the beginning, like YOU. People who are not as well educated, as YOU.

Tsktsktsk... Kerajaan hantar awak pergi belajar ke luar negara berbekalkan wang rakyat dengan harapan yang tinggi. Bukan sahaja sekadar menuntut ilmu dan menggulung ijazah, tetapi supaya awak pulang membantu negara, jika bukan secara aktif, secara pasif pun takpe. Kerajaan, bertindak sebagai penjaga yang memberi sumber kewangan kepada awak untuk belajar di luar negara, berharap jika awak pulang ke tanahair suatu hari nanti, awak akan menjadi manusia yang berguna dari segi kemantapan sahsiah juga. Pulanglah ke tanahair supaya menjadi kebanggaan rakyat, bukan pulang dengan "arrogant".

Seperti ibubapa yang menghantar anak mereka ke sekolah, kerajaan juga berharap awak pulang bukan sahaja dengan ilmu, tetapi dengan sikap dan sahsiah yang lebih matang. Tak guna jika ada ilmu yang melimpah-limpah, tapi attitude macam sampah- "I am better than all of you"-attitude.

I am so positively sure that this is NOT the teachings of Japanese.

I am really not sure at this moment that you are a Japan University graduate and doubt that you actually lived 4 years there. I think, you missed the plane to Japan and boarded another flight somewhere else and studied there instead. You missed out the important teachings and attitude of Japanese that should be applied and brought back, instead you brought back a load of minor, unuseful ones.

I am so ashamed to admit you are my "kohai". I am so ashamed to admit that you graduated from Japan U. Most of all, I am so ashamed of what you have bragged to others and the attitude you showed to all other low ranking staff in the office. I may not know what the hell happened to you during college years, in the past nor your "PRIVATE" and "CONFIDENTIAL" background. But in my opinion, your current attitude right now is a disgrace to your "senpai", a disgrace to your batch and a disgrace to the government who invested in you. Ahli saham will call it "No-profit saham"-*tabun*, we call it Technical error, get it? My company calls it "non-profitable" products, which will be transferred to Vietnam soon.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate you. I just hate your current attitude. I still hope for you to change the attitude. Kalau susah sangat, probably kurangkan sikit ker...Because I am still willing to close my ears and ignore the ill-attitude remarks which I see or hear directly or least until Dec 2008.

But, if you still chose not to change, and chose to stand up with your current attitude, please go and find somewhere else to live.

The end.

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