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To do list

To do list-Today
  1. Clean my room.
  2. Beli baju.
  3. Go shopping at Nilai3.
  4. Sushi restaurant at Damansara (Near Teh's house)
  5. Come back home.
  6. Last minute clean up.
  7. Sleep.

Soooo sorry (esp. to Ms. Weight Gain) for the late update. Mom's been hogging to this laptop every single day. I, in the mean time, was so busy with work and some other stuff. Been back home late again.

I am seriously thinking of getting a new job. I mean seriously....this time. I hope to get the job at least by next year. *that's when my 2 years contract will end, and I don't need to pay the company anything to quit* Meanwhile, I am really hoping for an assistant for my job. Its hectic working alone. Everything is your job from the tiny ones to the big decision making job. And everytime I take leave, someone will always call either to ask something or to request something. And seriously, at times, I HATE THAT!

Therefore, I am making an announcement to everyone who drops by this blog.... If you happen to know any interesting job vacancy in need of engineers....Please inform me.... I have 2 years experience in product design, factory engineering and 6 months experience of working in Japan under the company. I can speak fluent Japanese and Japanese reading and writing is not a problem either. I am not really into working shifts, but I put a lot of effort in my job. I can work with minimum supervision and able to communicate with all levels of workers. I am looking for a better pay and a better benefited compay.

Thank you, friends!

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