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Diana Sis's wedding

Congratulations on your wedding!!

After being forced to come over *I really glad I did come*, I managed to get to Sri Kembangan...joined up with Rina and Yanna for the trip to Seremban. Thanks to Yanna's hubby for driving us there and also for the U-turn he had to do since I accidentally left my hp at the "meja sholek" pengantin. *Thank you very much!*

We enjoyed the talk during the trip...We really wished more members were there, especially, Yong....Please, do get well soon!! Kalau ko takde di wedding2 kawan kita, kurang meriahnye....(T.T) *hehehehe*

Anyway, I loved and admire the wedding!! There were 13 big khemah all along the road. There was a karaoke set and a "kugiran" at the wedding. The bride father sang 4 songs while we ate, and the bride's mom joined us for the meal, of course, Diana too.

I tell you, being the family side of the 1st child wedding is HECTIC! Today, the bride's mom fainted 3 times due to hot weather and too much crowd coming at 1 time with 2 buses from kampung. Btw, >Am's wedding invitation card arrived. It indeed is a unique card. I liked it cause it resembles the uniqueness of the couple getting married.*hehehe* Insyaallah, I will come.

Other than that, tomorrow's another big day at work. Audit season's getting near and training schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Annual dinner on Wednesday and a farewall dinner for "Atok" on the 22nd, if I'm not mistaken. Well, life has to go on, we still need to face new challenges. Meet more new people and handle much2 more bigger problems. Seek for solution and peace. So, gotta be prepared, so Sleep tight! Good night!

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