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Hye peeps!

Currently blogging from my new EEE PC...hehe...Just bought it after recommendation from Teh-chan regarding ASUS brand. Am also waiting for hubby to get home from work... Shift malam...

I am so glad that today's a holiday! On Thursday, I bought this laptop and a new Sony HP...Btw, did I tell you my Japanese Toshiba hp battery just died on me? Probably not. So anyway...I was desperately in need for a hp. Thought that buying a PDA would be nice, but suddenly, my company ISD just implemented a new rule saying that you have to register your PDA/Smartphone with them with an attached reason; "Why do you want to use PDA/Smartphone?"

Okay, for a big company like the one I'm working right now, it is a Major requirement for ISM (Information Security Management) because we are dealing with BIG companies as our customers. The bigger your customers are, the bigger the requirement for confidentiality are. Therefore, I understand the need to control the usage of devices that may harm the confidentiality. But, "Kenapa nak guna PDF/Smartphone?" ----> Terasa tercabar la pulak..heheh

Memangla my company tu "kilang"...Tapi, ape you ingat orang yang kerja kilang tak mampu nak guna PDA ke? Suka hati diorang la nak gune PDA ker tidak...Kalau dah minat dan berkemampuan, ape salahnya? Iskissk..Depends on their own priority lah, kan? Kalau dah kerja berhempas pulas...pulun OT sane sini, dapat duit lebih sket nak beli PDA, company ada hak untuk marah ke? As though the concept is "To save the company, you have to cut your wrist" -> Itulah prinsip company Jepun *sigh*

Okaylah, let's cut off the PDA topic. So, the main reason to use the PDA is to monitor my "saham" online di mana2 sahaja, easily and lightly. Therefore, kalau program itu not applicable in "mobile" form, beats the purpose of me buying the PDA, although, PDA HTC Diamond itu sangatlah Canggih dan best!!! ehhee... In the end I bought the Sony Eri instead. Fullstop.

So, I was still in need of a small laptop to monitor my "saham"...The smallest in the area was ASUS EEE PC...Which originally costed RM999, only with LINUX, 4GB HD, and 512MB of RAM. So, I upgraded it on the spot to Windows XP, still with 4GB and 2GB of RAM for RM1469.ngeehee...Boleh kata murah jugak la kan?hehe...

Btw, musim "Open House" sudah tiba...How are your weekends? I still need to visit granma in Seremban. Haven't seen her eversince before puasa... Neeed to tell her myself that I'm pregnant.ngeeehee

So, nak pergi mandi dulu ni...Its getting late.

Have a nice weekends my friends.Buhbye!

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