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Smily Hari Raya to All

It's nice being the new member of the family.

Today was a hectic day. From Bruas to Taiping (2 houses), then to Penang. Then, back to Bruas. Total is 4 houses. Experience and excitement; PRICELESS. (hehe..)
The most unforgettable place was Atok's house in Penang. Ya Allah! Tinggi nya tiang rumah. This Atok is Opah's sister. Although she is already 82 years old, she could still walk steadfully. Her back bone is not bended. The only thing a bit weakening there is the hearing. She could still see and recognize people, plus, her memories are superb! She's blessed to have so many nice children who care about her a lot, although she doesn't want to live with them. She prefers to stay at the "tinggi" house.

She has a very nice smile. I wonder if most Penang people are like Atok= friendly and cheerful. Hubby told me its Atok habit (kuse?) to pray on the table when she visits other relatives house because she thinks that its too near to the ground. She has this phobia against pacat. *extremely cute*

In total, I had a very fantastic time during this 1st day. Hubby is totally exhausted, he's already asleep. Me? I need to monitor some threading before I go to sleep. I wonder if my anak buahs are already asleep. Please imagine the whole route I told you before had to be shared with 4 kids and 3 grown ups in a Satria. It was so packed! Luckily, the kids are almost all S size. I tell you, my brother-in-law really need to buy an MPV fast! At least before the youngest one learns how to walk.

My baby grows a lot today...hehehe...or is it my stomach? or is it my usus? I had to eat, especially when they call out my name. Of course, 30% of courtesy, 70% of plain lust...heheh.. Okaylah, I really need to go and take my bath. Plus help in the kitchen a bit. Hey, kenalah tolong2 sikit....I am the youngest ahli berdaftar in the family tau...hehehe...

Oh, ya...I would like to wish all of my friends and dear readers;

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir & Batin

May we will be able to develop ourselves to be a better Muslim & Muslimah throughout the year.
May our trainings during Ramadhan be a sufficient supply throughout the days beyond until we meet next year's Ramadhan again :)

Till then, Good nite! Enjoy your holidays!

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