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Please don't run! My runny nose

Having runny nose since Wednesday. I am currently too distracted with my nose. Mom told me better not telan any of the medicine the doc gave me yesterday such as cough syrup, flu medicine etc. So, I'm surviving on Safwa's vitamin C and lots of water. Baru aje semalam Chia wished me enjoy your pregnancy. Believe me, being sick during pregnant is not my ideaof enjoying pregnancy.

Read Che Yam's blog. Oh! Bestnye Krabi! Actually, baru aje tahu yg Krabi is in Thai. And she could still go despite the cramps she's been having. Sebenarnye, being anywhere with your love ones during good health is the best.

Therefore, sangat berekad untuk cepat sembuh!

Btw, sejak akhir2 ini asyik takde mood aje nak wat kerja. Sigh. Is it just hormones? Rasa macam nak baaaaaring aje. Despite susah tidur malam lately due to runny nose, badan rase darui semacam.

Okaylah...will try to update again tody dengan membaw cerita seronok pula.Bye2!

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Anonymous said...

fiza! thats true! being anywhere with your love ones during good health (or bad, even) is the best!. so nanti dah masuk 2nd trimester ( its the best time for preggers to travel ) pegi la bercuti mana2 , dekat2 pun takpe, to clear up your mind - nanti dah tak boleh jalan2 dah sampai baby keluar!
btw take care okay~~mmwahhs