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My health and a bit of yoga

pregnancy cartoon

My baby is currently 14 weeks!

The hospital called last week just to inform me of my blood test result. Can't wait till the next checkup lah... *quite excited* For the moment everything's going well. Alhamdulillah! Although I have to admit, going to open houses has made my "toilet cycle" a bit weird.

I have lazy intestines *that's how my mom explains it* I was admitted to the hospital last year before I went for my 2nd Japan training. I blame the Mid-Valley Food Court "not-so-fresh-kerang" I ate when I had my flu. It eventually caused my white blood cell count rise above limit, (=400) which was according to the doc in-charge at that time was 10times higher *=abnormal*

So, I am not sure how related that is to my current situation, but plus the hormones effect on my body, I don't anymore go to the loo, i mean, the big one on schedule. Eventhough the input has increased, the output is still not coping with the current condition.*sigh*

Therefore, I made myelf to do brisk walking (walking sahaja tau! No jogging) once a week. That's the only time I have. (T.T) Only to hope that my intestines would work more efficiently.hehe... The effect was superb last 2 weeks and so-so last Sunday. Of course, the one feeling the best effect is Abglah... He's more refreshed than ever. If I only brisk walked for 2.4km, he joggs for 3.6km. ( The circumference of Tasik Subang Jaya is 1.2km ) *Kalau my dad, he would have done 4-5 rounds of jogging*

*Beware! Next paragraph will be a bit disgusting*

Do you know how to differ a healthy "poo" and a not healthy one?

Orang Melayu kata, kambing sihat kalau "poo" nya bulat2. Kalau tak sihat "poo" nya cair2 kot. Similar to humans, if you are healthy, or in good condition, your "poo" will be in the form of solid, not liquid. Plus, from my observation, the colour should be brownish, yellowish or dark brown. So, if your "poo" fits the above profile, I guess you're in good condition, then. But, for me lately, the "poo" is black in colour. Abg said, that it happens when the food is kept more than 24 hours in your body. Bayangkan food yang dah basi in your body!

Lately, when the condition worsens, I tend to have headaches. Commonlah kan? All those mixture of gasses has gone up to the head! Itu xpe lagi. Wait till I have one of those "killer-farts"... Abg kata; "Baunya sampai berpinar2 mata!" heheh...

Sorry for you guys for having to read this stuff. But, this is my current situation. Despite the happy & exciting experience of being pregnant, I still have to deal with this. ngeehee. Maybe I should do yoga lah... to increase my intestines health. It's much slower in movement, I can do it at home, plus I have 2-3 basic and hot-yoga dvds which I bought from Japan years ago. heheh...

Oh, speaking of yoga...Read Ninie's blog. I m not really a current event follower, so, a bit x up to date lah...But, I was reading Abg's Sinar yesterday after breakfast and saw this ambigious article about how Yoga is Haram. The very-short article yang seolah2 tiada detail elaboration langsung.

I admit, that I'm an "on-off-on-off-off" yoga practicer since in my study years in Japan. *nampak sgt bnyk yg off..hehe* I used to join those 8 am Sunday morning basic yoga classes in Celebrity Fitness Subang Jaya every week.

I agree that yoga is a very good practice to improve your health. It is almost as equivelant to the exercise my personal trainer used to force me to do. (ex. marathon, weight lifting, sit-ups with load etc) I too agree with the article that, sometimes the mantra may sound hindu-ish. Of course, since I don't understand the meaning, I don't recite them loh! I followed the instructor's movement, but ignored the ritual phrases. Hey, if others want to recite them, go ahead lah. I just simply don't recite them because I don't understand it. Instructor tuh xpaksa pon suruh recite the mantras. And I also know that following without knowing is against the akidah. Same goes to some of the explanation in the dvds I bought like, "Return to the sun"? or something that an amature like me don't understand, I just ignore them. Don't repeat them or believe in them membabi-buta. Unless you know what they really mean and what they are explaining is not against the akidah.

I had doubts too, you know, when I bought some of the dvds in Japan. They asked me to face the sun and do some movements. I tengok jerlah kat dalam screen tv tuh. Isk...macam aksi menyembah matahari pon ade. Since I thought like that and felt a bit uneasy with the explanation, I ignored the "face the sun" part and continued with the movement. Hey, kalau I buat yoga tuh waktu malam, I am not foolish enough to face West and do the movement, okay? Bukannye nampak matahari pon... Maybe if I'd learn Yoga deeper, I would have understood the significant value to face the sun, but then again, to follow or not, depends on how I think about it plus how strong my ilmu agama is in me. Like, I may need to consult my parents, have a short discussion about it, do some research, listen to the religious side of explanation and then decide. At least I think that is how things should be.

So, I think what the article is trying to explain is you have a way of living already, which is Islam. So, if you want to do yoga ker, senamrobik ker, syncronized swimming ker... buatlah dengan cara Islam. Don't do anything against it. More to it, jangan practice membabi buta sahaja seolah2 satu trend, without knowing anything about it, betul tak?

But, I also don't quite agree with people (people=who?) claiming Yoga is Haram. Unless they explain it in detail, show proof and have discussions about it. Have the mufti say something about it (I prefer mufti Perak). Maybe it will clear off the fuzziness regrding this issue, who knows?

Alamak! Nature calls! Need to go to the loo again... I hope this time, its the big one. Oooppss...Sorry peeps! Bye for now!

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