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Random morning rambles

Sorry baby...Mommy sgt tempted nak berjaga malam...hehehe... So much for the "STRICT" online schedule. cett.Couldn't help it lorr...

Today?Precisely yesterday's fx was a bit ugly starting from 12pm onwards. Therefore, I waited for a n1cer signal at 9pm...But, alas nothing. So early nap until 1am just now, luckily nampak ada perubahan mendadak. Yosh! Signal nih...heheh..

Mommy got so excited sampai sekarang waiting lah...Dengan niat nak study graph malam. Seriously kadang2 terfikir apelah orang2 sebelah barat tengah buat skarang? i mean, of course daily routine macam biasa...Tapi skarang nih waktu tidur orang Timur kan?hehhe..

So back to my usha2 graph study...Based on my previous experience, mata sanggup bertahan until 3pm sahaja eventhough dah early nap before. Plus tomorrow?today morning I have to iron Abg's uniform and mine. Abg? nih ha tgh berdengkur kat sebelah..hehe..Syok nye dapat tidur dengan lena. Sebenarnye lately dah 2 hari balik ikut schedule kerja Abg. Means 7:30am-7:30pm. Really tiring. Tapi habiskan masa bukan buat kerja sangat pon. Biasalah, no OT. But, don't worry. Until this week sahaja. Starting next week, Abg's schedule will be back to normal. Boleh la saya pulang ke rumah tepat 5:03pm setiap hari...hehe..

Next week Saturday will be my 2nd pregnancy checkup.Dapat result blood test etc. Maybe boleh determine my baby nih boy/girl. hehehe...So excited! Btw, doctor pesan, kalau ada questions, better write it down on a piece of paper, kalau tak nanti lupe nak tanya...Yelah, check up sebulan sekali. Is it due to excitement that I have no idea whatsoever to ask?

Nak cerita ape lagi yer?

Oh! I loved reading Am's entry today. Sangat berkesan terhadap jiwa saya yang bergelora hari nih di tempat kerja. I had been Alice for 2 years eversince I started working. Whether I was simply dumb or dumber, I never thought myself that way. I was too focused and full of energy at that time. Now? I am just not yet Wally. Probably at Dilbert level kot. Sarcastic. Sometimes I think I'm just too thirsty for attention. Doesn't matter whether its from my boss/collegue. Is that bad? I hope its just another hormone syndrome (Ye ye...blame it on the hormones)

Tapi, deep down inside...despite the uneasiness/complains I have with my current job... I still hope that I could contribute more to the company. I hope I could be less of pain in the ass towards some of my collegue. I really really hope that I could be more positive in relationships.

Muhasabah diri. I'll do better tomorrow. Smile more to other people who pass by. Think more positively. Do work more efficiently. organize myself and my work. Encourage people positively and start TEACHING. hehe...

Okaylah...macam dah lama sangat membebel. cian korang yang membaca,kan?
Signing off now. Good nite!

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