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Dear Yen,

If you want to be super duper strong....


If you're rising up, reach for the stars, baby!!

Hehehe...Sorry for the short emotional phrases. Am currently eyeing on the recession Europe has declared of. Is Malaysia coming soon? Na'uzubillah.
I don't quite know. Of course plus the fact that I don't like TV3 news from 8pm to 8:30 pm. There are always politician faces talking...heck! God knows what they're talking about!

Back to currency story...Although I love Japan and slightly rasa bangga sebab Yen naik...But, I feel sorry too for Pound and Euro. Cian diorang... Especially my Adik lah who is currently studying in Ireland. Its okay Emi, I know things will work out fine. Next year insyaallah okay balik ekonomi dunia nih. Amin.

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