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Whenever you need me, I'll be there...Insyaallah kalau tak tidur lagi...hehe

Abg kerja malam minggu ini. This means;

1. Tidur sorang2. Queen size bed only for me! (and baby, of course)
2. Late night net surfing..hehe...
3. Late night tv programs (duh! bukannya ade astro!)


Besides that, I'm still waiting for 1 pm signal. Just now had a chat with Z*ra. She's going to have her wedding next month. I'm sooo excited! Beause its like gonna be the next reunion of the year...hhehehe...

Raya Haji.

Already have plans for my cousin's wedding in JB. I thought it was going to be in Mersing...heheh...silap info rupenye...


Currently swimming around. Oh, changed to maternity wear oredi. They were all saying I look cute in the uniform. (part mane tuh?) The important thing is my tummy ain't hurting anymore and its more breezy in the wear. hehehe... Of course, thank you for the compliments. hehhe...cair la jugak... Abg aje yg xnk ckp cute...terechatte...terechatte...

Me in maternity uniform.


Boleh la...happy la jugak... Of course, ever since T*ty's around xderla stress sangat. Well, I've grown matured too. Learn to let go some things and learn to ignore certain issues.

It won't be the same not having these people around.

Okaylah, it's passed 1 am. Need to sleep. This Dell laptop is too heavy to be put long hours on the lap. *sigh*

Good nite!


lorongsetia8 said...

kawaii kawaii..

niau ne =)


mummy ki wo tsukete ne ~~

Marliza Radzi. said...

ada uniform rupanya. sonok juga tak perlu nak pikir nak pakai apa hari2. hehehe.

aza said...

muahahha.. lawak la plak uniform keje .. cam kembali zmn sekolah.. hehehe
take care kak fiza, bg baby chat2.. kem salam same kak tuty

apek said...

otoko to ha, kawaikutemo mashoumen de "kawaii" to iwanai. Tasikani ada mamat macho pernah cakap gitu.