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Pasta zanmai!

My ex-collegue, Teh-chan told me about this place called Pasta Zanmai. We went there once together right before she quit her job, for FREEDOM! *hehe*

The best thing about this place is that the food and the price just reminds you of "Saizeriya". Cheap and tasty! Italian food with Japanese taste. Pasta pictures xsempat nak upload. Tapi, majide umaissu!! Pasta Zanmai is still new...1 year old in OneUtama-Old wing and new in Mid-Valley, next to Madam Kwan's. Macam2 pasta wa-fuu kat Pasta Zanmai nih...Taihen Osusume desu! Especially to my friends out there yang tgh rindu Japs food / my friends yang berminat nak cuba Japanese food.

I told you guys in my previous entry about the monthly check up at SDMC, right? Well, alhamdulillah...Baby's fine, healthy, no problem in normal delivery, Insyaallah...says doc. Cuma mommy's a bit overweight...increament of 4.2kg in only one month...*hehehe*

Of course, credit goes to Sogo's ice cream and junk food after lunch...Not to forget the air tebu dalam botol which contains a lot of sugar, obviously! Tapi sangat xtahan sangat last month! Had to have some, yang telah menjadi habit...*hehehe* But, this month onwards, cutting off the sugar lah...tak mahu susah2 semasa / after bersalin.

My 5th month pregnancy picture with Abg. No, bukan tgh tgk detail scan results ari tuh...tgh main hp game...*hehehe* sementara tgh menunggu food sampai...*sigh* Nampak berisi sikit tak? Jangan terkejut if you see me live and see my swelling-like-baloon tummy or swelling-like-baloon butt...hehe...

This week Abg kerja malam lah...Currently on tv straight malam nih tgk drama Melayu. heh. Started off with Ku Milikmu, then Obsessi and now, Dendam. Oh, btw, I just knew that Adi Putra and Erry Putra are 2 different people and not at all blood related.hahaha...Gelak Abg dengar tadi.

Esok rasa macam nak MC lah pulak. Dad asked me to cover up for him at his office. Workers cuti and pergi site. He had to go for a meeting. I was planning to bring Abg to the bank to apply for bank statement or something. Coincidence yang datang bertalu2 nih membuatkan nka amek cuti lah pulak...Tambah2 Khamis nih cuti Krismas. Tumpang sekaki lah nampaknye...Jangan mare...

Okaylah, I better stop now, before I get addicted sampai tengah malam. I just hope Tuty will survive tomorrow kalau I cuti. Maa...Lambat laun kena survive jugak sorang2, kan? Some things take time to get used to. Soredewa...Good nite!


yumyum said...

fiza, makan any sashimi tak? remember pregnant mommy isnt suppose to eat any raw meat, ok! takut infection kat baby. warghhh gamannn gamannn

kouchan143 said...

hohoho..permenantly xmakan tuh tipulah.. But, reduced to 90% xmakan... Kalu dah gian sgt tuh aderla jamah sushi seketul dua...

Takde selera la for sashimi during pregnancy sgt..bnyk nk mkn yg masin2...manis2... Aji ga koi ryouri no hou...huhuh