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SDMC visit Sono 3

I am currently blogging from SDMC (formerly known as SJMC) using its free access internet...heheh...Sankyu2x...Tak sia2 aku bayar mahal2 tiap2 kali datang.

Today's news that caught my attention;

IJN PRIVATIZED - Sime Darby Group buying 51% of its equity
Its the 1st time ever saw the "BIG 3"-Malaysia version in one whole page of Sinar. There was Najib's comment, Tun Mahathir comment and Anwar Ibrahim's comment with inserted pictures of them in one whole page. hehehe...

I wonder why they need to privatize IJN. Is it because of the poor service? I can't comment anythig on this because the only time I had been to IJN was when Uncle Sulaiman was admitted, right before I went to Japan. That was like 2002. 6 years ago. Berhingus lagi tuh, beb. As far as I remembered, they had lousy -so-mahal-parking. But, the facilities were kinda good, no grunts on that. Like I said, I can't say much cause never been admitted there. Na'uzubillah.

Privatizing IJN will of course increase the patient bills...But, in the other hand, patients will get better service, facilities and care. I am not sure which is better... But one thing for sure, mestilah sayang nyawa, kan? Duit boleh dicari...mungkin seksa sikit la pada awalnya...That's why kena beringat especially masa makan. *that was what MCDoc learned when her husband had a stroke*

From the politic side of view, their concern is Why need to privatized? Doesn't it burdens the peoples economy & life? Where is the money going to actually?? heheh... Ada bunyi2 politician tak? Hisshh...

Yesterday, when I was watching the news, KJ was on about some politic things. I remembered once I googled KJ to know why was he so famous despite his "namaiki" comments and his "gangster" appearance *Pleaselah buat rebonding ke...betulkan hair style tuh sikit ker...*

Then I thought, KJ was said to be smart in economics, graduated from Harvard(?) somewhere not many Malaysians could survive. He doesn't seem to face any hardships in life. If only...he pursue his career in business/corporate, instead of politics, I think people would have liked him better. I maybe would have a different preception on him. Come to think about it. heh.

Takpelah, hidup dia. Jangan kacau aku sudah.


Abg dah xsenang duduk dah...Hari ni aku datang ambil nombor awal tau...dapat turn No.5...Tiba2 doktor plak yang dtg lambat. iskiskisk... Maa...Doktor pon manusia juga...Mane tahu dia tengok bola ke ker?

My doctor nih lawa orangnye...I think dia rajin wat facial kot. Tak nampak kedut tuh. Bergaya pon boleh tahan. Personal clothing xde nampak branded sgt tapi jenis2 boutique lah. Yang penting sedap mata aku memandang. Ape2 pon personal appearance tuh penting kan? Especially kerja yang bnyk jumpe orang. Tapi, kalau kerja wat research aje...dok sorang2 or dok dalam kilang asyik jumpe orang yang same aje...Buang mase je kot nak bergaya. Lainla kalu nak carik jodoh.heh.

Baby hari ini bangun awal macam mama dia. Awal jugak dia menendang hari nih. Macam tahu2 aje2 nak gih check up. Today, the doctor promised me a detailed-scan. Check on baby's heart-beat and so-on. Mom and grandma asyik kata the baby's growing fast. Perut nampak memboyot cepat katanya. Well, to my surprise too. Tadi timbang before breakfast 71.4kg. giller SHOCK! Experienced moms would say that number is normal... To me, 1st time tau... to hit 70kg and above was my weight when I was in my final year in Japan. Balik Malaysia 72kg lepas lepak rumah 1 bulan xwat ape2 sampai doctor kat Armadev tuh kata "YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT" mase medical checkup be4 masuk kerja. Siap kasi short-lecture lagi tuh...hehe..Tak caye tanya Elmi.

Okaylah, nak check skarang patient no. brape skarang. Till then babai!

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elmilo said...

Hullo! Heheh..AKu ingat la mase amik medical check up tuh..masih berhingus lagi la ngan alam kemasyarakatan dan pekerjaan..ekeke.