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Me & kids


I am currently easily irritated by kids. Don't get me wrong. I love kids. But certain kids are really irritating. Especially those who are still "manja" even though dah start primary school.

Manja also has its limits. The irritating kind of manja is the one yang we Malays call mengendeng/menyendeng.

Oh, please lah. Dah besar & dah berat. Takde tulang belakang ke sampai nak kena bersandar at every adaults everytime? Pi carik kerusi boleh tak? Or carik dinding untuk bersandar.

I told Yong about my irritation. Probably due to the hormones. I am not really that eternally "kids friendly" type. I think I got that from my mom.

I think children at a certain age...when they start kindergarden at least, need to be taught about life. Its a lot easier to be taught at early age. But certain parents love to pamper their kids too much. Of course, I understand that everyone have their own reasons. But at least teach them to restrain some attitude when reacting with others.

Am I too strict?

I have my own issues too. Since I am the eldest among my siblings, I tend to get everything first hand. Plus, since I'm always not at home, I seldom need to share things with my brothers and sister. Unlike my sister, Emi, she's more at home with my other 2 brothers. So she has this attitude of "mengalah"...which is totally not in me. She shares and I don't. But, I do share my things, only I am too detailed on it. Everything needs to be perfect. *sigh*

Penatnya jadi saya.

Okaylah, tell you the truth...I am only irritated with 1 kid, who is my niece (from the other side). Everytime I come to visit the other side of the family, she's always the "Drama Queen". She is so pampered. I don't blame her. Since she didn't get enough attention form her mom. (read: She had twin sisters when she was 1 year old) So, she nags for attention from others, which at first is kinda cute. Until, when she gets older, the attitude worsens and its not anymore cute.

Hah! Dah lepas dah! At last, I got that out. I couldn't tell my Abg about it and drives me crazy just keeping it inside. Heh. Now, I told the world!!hahahaha!! (mode puas hati giller)

I don't know how to deal with this kid. I'm going to Perlis this CNY for 2 weddings and she wants to follow. Look, her family is going too. But, she still wants to follow her Pak Lang (which is my Abg) which is going by train. Your parents are going to drive to Perlis, plus using my mom's Serena which is comfortable enough. Still nak naik train jugak?

My guess is this kid doesn't like to be the same as others. She just wants attention and wants to be special. Believe me, she's going to brag about it to her other siblings about how special and superb the trip was. And also brag about how special she is to her Pak Lang and Mak Lang. Please lah...somebody kick this kid into reality. I don't want to pamper any certain kid. I want to treat them equally (since, there are 6 of my other side nieces). But, this kid nags to be special almost all the time. Not only this time, but previously everytime before. Which is really irritating. *sigh*

Mak Bapak,

Tolong jaga anak masing2. Please observe how your kids are growing up into. Smack them into reality and give them some important teachings before they accidentally grow up to be somebody others don't favour their attitude. Masa kecil, still lagi dimaafkan...Dah besar nanti yang susah, mak bapak juga. Just don't drag me into problem solving at that time.

This explains my stress during family gatherings lately.
Anyone got any ideas to reduce the stress / teach me how to ignore this.

Maybe its time to get an mp3 and letak ayat2 Quraan bnyk2... Its a good tool to ignore. Or probably just develop a hobby of drawing/illustrating/writing/play sudoku (that's right!) everytime I go for visits.

I'm open to suggestions. Feel free to drop some.



AyinEmran said...

mmg ada kids yg irritating. rasa mcm nak cubit, tp anak org, kan.

how to handle? erm, i have no idea.

azura.naem said...


just tell them (them dalam context ni - your husband, the kid's parents etc) yang u are uncomfortable to bring the kid with u naik train because of your condition.

just guna alasan u easily worried about kids, nanti u stress and stress is not good expecting mommies, kan? just play it out guna alasan pregnancy you. they have to listen kan? takkan nak kasi jadi apa2 pada kandungan kan?

ur pregnant dear..ur the one yg supposed to be pampered. diorang kena la paham, especially your husband. the kid has to learn the word NO sooner or later.

heheh..just my opinion sbb yeah, most of the time it's hard to handle brats. think about it, kalau u giler malas nak layan budak ni.