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Peperenchino with Onsen Tamago at Sizeriya...natsukashii!!

Do you think you are hot?
In the eyes of Abg...hehe..

Upload your favourite picture..

Why do you like the picture??
Sebab ada baby dalam perut...hehe..It was on our honeymoon.

When was the last time you ate pizza??
This afternoon. One slice only.

The last song you listen to
Alhamdulillah by Raihan

What name do you prefers besides yours?
Can't think of any better name.

5 People to tag :
1. ..Satu Permulaan..
2. Dou demo ee wa
3. Let the star lead my way
4. welome to didie-ism
5. Luvdelico Weblog

Who is No 1?
Friend, collegue, ex-roommate, part-time driver (hehehe)

No 3 is having a relationship with.
Alamak...I don't think she is currently with someone, but still searching. She's single and available!

Say something about no 5.
*My dear, Bila Album-ku Nak Siap? (T_T)*
She's my dear friend. Part time photographer. Currently aiming to become a professional. heheh-> Promote tuh!

How about no 4?
4 years dai-mate...My dear friend who is still in Japan. Kawan susah dan senang di perantauan...huhu *nostalgic memories*

Who is no 2?
Ohoho...Orang Kaya Baru-NEET. Currently jiyuu-ningen. Worried about the future. Plus still single. Unless you are a "kedekut" & pandai berjimat girl, you're not eligable to send your resumes for gf title.hehehe...

End of late night updates. Abg dah lama berdengkur. Baby dari td asyik tendang2...yerla...mama nk tidor la nih...Giid nite guys...zzzzz

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dear, masa hang pi langkawi tu dah how many weeks ek?? naik flight ke? nway,cantek la baju u...beli katne ek? masa breastfeed pun still leh pakai kan...