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Going to be 35

No lah.... I have not burst yet...heheh

It has been a long silence. Actually, dah banyak giller xterasa nak publish...(hormones?) Anyway, in another 2 days, I am going to reach my 35th week pregnancy. Lately, I have been busy going to ante-natal classes on friday evenings after work. *sigh*

I am currently busy on a new project too...hehe...Not actually mine, but I am kinda supporting someone. hmmm...

I could not sleep yet....Petang tadi dah tidur lama kot....Hubby already dozed off, leaving me with the Astro on 813 Channel..Newcastle vs. Arsenal. *sigh*

Went to Serdang this morning. Jalan2. I love to think I am a positive person during pregnancy. But, sometimes I find myself being negative towards certain things/issues. The midwife who gave me the ante-natal classes, said it was normal. Even after pregnancy, some mothers could be emotionally positive/negative.

For example, lately, I have been soooo sensitive towards politial issues on t.v even more than I did at early pregnancy. Or, when things don't go as they're used to in daily routines, I kinda get annoyed and start questioning people. Why? Why? and Why?

This morning, I was slightly annoyed when my B.I.L said "Even Mak Buyong is here" on the phone with hubby's Aunt... I mean, what's wrong with a pregnant lady going for trips/jalan2 along with her husband? Its not like I'm going alone....Some more, its in the morning la beb... Itu pon nak kecoh...I deserve to go on trips, especially if the trips were planned by ME, and since I planned it, took time and effort to do some research on the internet etc... while you were the one, out of my pity and approval to tag along...Just shut up la kan... Maybe I was the one who's being too sensitive about it...But what the heck! I am the preganat lady aroung here, so don't mess with me, okay?

*Ter-over-sensitip la pulak....*

Sometimes, I tend to get a little bit negative these days, but I am proud to say, the % of being -ve is too little ompared to before. Everytime I realize I'm going to be -ve, baby would remind me by giving me a free kick. hehehe... (please excuse my imagination)

Back to my ante-natal class story. I realized that not many of Malays do take effort to learn about preparations before/during/after delivery. There were only 2 Malay couples including me on this month session. The rest were Chinese couples. The other Malay couple who were in my class looked betul2 macam orang KL la....Btw, husband dia rupa iras2 Zafrul in SpaQ 2...hehehe (sempat lagi tuh...) I am not sure why people don't take effort to learn at least for 1st child expectors. Maybe, xramai Malay delivers in SJMC, that's why I don't see many of them. At least I learned a lot on what to expect on the BIG day...heheh...

Some of the facts I learned from yesterday's class;

In Malaysia,

30,000 babies are born every year in a Government Hospital = 3,500 babies/month.
Only 100-250 babies are born in a Private Hospital every month.

Total in Malaysia, there are 500,000+ babies born every year.

Conclusion from the facts;

If you are a doctor majoring in gyno/peads in Malaysia, YOU ARE RICH!

You should stay and work in Malaysia. No need to work in Africa / Japan. Why?

1. In Africa, they deliver babies in their own homes. They are educated not to rely on limited medical doctor assistants during delivery, unless in special cases.

2. In Japan, due to too expensive cost of living and good health management in each families, they don't rely on peads when their children get sick (if they ever get sick) and gynos are soooo HIMA. heheh...

Anyway, if you really think about it, delivering a baby is a natural process. Our body is build up to do it naturally. Subhanallah! Kalau tak, macammana orang dahulu boleh beranak dalam rumah? Mana ade rushing nak pergi hospital? Orang sekarang pergi hospital because we are educated to do so AND sudah ada bermacam2 kemudahan. Contoh kemudahan; PAIN KILLERS (example; ephidural, pethidine etc.) Ada certain2 ibu2 sekarang, tak mahu merasa sakit semasa bersalin sedikit pon hingga sanggup bayar around RM2k++ for ephidural... Tak akan rasa sakit langsung...No ontractions at all! Wow! Boleh lepak2 tengok tv lagi semasa sakit (sebab xrasa)...

Tapi, bilangan ibu2 tuh masih sedikit di Malaysia...around 10% sahaja yang mungkin xtahan sakit and chose to take pain killers. But, tiada yang salah....itu adalah hak masing2... Whereas jika nak dibanding kan dengan negara2 barat, di mana 90% ibu2 mengambil pain killers kerana xtahan menanggung sakit contractions. Lebih ramai ibu2 die Barat yang memilih untuk dibedah instead of normal "push..push..push" delivery. (So, actually kalu nk jadi gynos/peads dekat US/UK pon buleh juga kaya...kehkehkeh...)

Seronok dengar midwife tu cerita macam2 especially part husband role in the delivery room... Hanya hospital swasta yang membenarkan kaum Adam a.k.a suami untuk berada dalam delivery room. Although sebenarnya, doctors agak masih lagi sangsi dengan fungsi mereka berada bersama2 si isteri.... "Moral support" -> kata midwives...Nasib baik I pergi class ante-natal nih....kalu tak Abg mesti xtahu ape yg dia kena buat dlm bilik tuh nanti...hehehe

Okaylah.....dah start sakit belakang nih...Baby pon dah tidur agaknye...diam ade gak tendang2....Doakanlah keselamatan saya semasa delivery nanti....Hope to be blogging soon...Good nite!


cik puan daun said...

Kelas antenatal mmg sangat bagus.. :) walaupun takut dengan sakit.. akak percaya yang woman body are meant for natural childbirth.. we are capable to bloom without the help from episiotomi... tapi nak tak nak kat sini dah jadi mcm kewajipan untuk di episiotomikan.. dem la ek?

eh.. gud luck ok.. insyaAllah di permudahkan.. dah 35 weeks.. boleh siap sedia beg hospital nih.. :)

AyinEmran said...

dah lama tak baca entri blog baru, finally. hehe.

all the best ok fieza!