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And I love being a healthy pregnant mom, siapa xsuke?

Found this in my USB. Bullet train sushi in Tsuyama, Japan. *Natsukashikk!*
To tell you the truth, although I had to suffer a 2 year contract, I did enjoy every second of my training there. Plus all the friends I made there. *ngeee*

Ok, change topic!

Went for 9th check-up yesterday. Took an outing form to SJMC. Abg is currently in Jenderam Hulu, Sepang for a course. That's why I had to go for checkup yesterday instead of today. Dr. Delaila looked happy yesterday. hehehe...

My high vaginal swab test results turned out okay. :)
Baby is currently 2.9kg...But, doctor confirmed us that baby wasn't that big in size, so probably and hopefully no problem during normal delivery, insyaallah. She also said baby's nose is pretty... I said, "Ikut hidung bapak la tuh" Doc ketawa sahaja...
A bit of regret saying that, since Abg bragged about it the whole night yeaterday. *sigh*

Well, baby's head is already 2/5 in my cervix... She gave me 1 whole week to settle my job and she'll be giving me MC starting 13/Apr. Wah...bestnye cuti...
I reconfirmed the baby sex with doc. She questioned me back, "Kenapa? Dah beli baju ke? Saya xsuruh beli baju tau...ehheeh" She explained that there is still a 2% of mistake during the scanning process.

She also said, I was currently experiencing mild contractions already. Of course, I xsedar pon...ingat baby kicking sahaja. Takde experience, biasalah. And then, after she reviewed the signs to go to hospital, she asked us, "Where do you live?"
Serentak dgn Abg tunjuk dgn jari kat luar tingkap..."Kat ctuh je...SS15" Again kene gelak....dekat aje...Doc, everytime I meet you for my checkup, selalu jeling2 rumah. FYI, my doc's office is on 4th floor SJMC betul2 boleh nampak rumah & flyover yg xsiap2 lg tuh... :)
If I were a gyneo, I'd love to have your room....Sgt best, ok?

Tilam and bantal kekabu baby dah siap. Cikna wat kaler pink ade bunge2 tuh...I have also made small rolls of cotton, persediaan supaya senang nak cuci baby's poo nanti, sbb awal2 xboleh gune wipes...
Other than that? Well, Emi (my sis) asked me to make a wishlist, konon macam kawan dia...So, I made a list....Don't say I didn't warn you...My list mmg yg mahal2 saja...hehehe

Later, next week nnt I post it, okay? Kene scan....sbb I dat wat lawa2...hehe..
Okaylah....nk pergi sejukkan hot! padahal dah mandi...

Well, till the next post...babai!

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