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OMG! Look at how time goes by! I'm on countdown for another 3 days...waaaahh... (and my doc gave me a total of 10days M.C...Siapa xsuka angkat kaki..)

Actually, I'm counting contractions as I type this. Hari ni agak lain sikit rasanya... Sakit lebih sket...Before this, it was a bit hard to differ contractions with baby kicks...But today, baby kicks come so often and as hard as the contractions...Alhamdulillah...

Abg is already asleep...Nothing has changed there...Bilik masih lg panas :P Probably due to too many electrical stuff currently active at the moment. FYI, I only slept for 4 hours yesterday...Seriously, either too anxious/too worried...hah!

Suzuki broke down at Fed Highway this afternoon. Me and Abg went to get it with Abg Lan who had to come all over from Kapar. *Thank you!* The alternator belt snapped off...which was a known fact to Abg and Abg Lan since they fixed Suzuki's oil pump and filter just last week...heh...Mom freaked out of course, since she said its nothing at all about the money...but about the hassle and problems that occur due to negligence...Yerla2x...bile dah terkena baru la nk ckp mcm tuh...hehehe

So, after that, went back home...Tak sempat Abg nk relax sket, the papan guy called saying that he dropped the papan Abg ordered in front of the Surau..WTF? We gave direct instructions to send them in front of Cikna's house (Abg's aunt), and he did not even confirm the place first before dropping the loads of papan at the wrong place...Nasib baik dekat jugakla...kalau jauh macam mana? Did they expect customer to go and carry all of them by their own? This is the problem with Malaysias customer service..yuckkk!

So, pinjam mama's Serena drove all over to Klang to carry the papans...And Abg, who was planning to stay at home for the day decided, since he's already here, he should as well start work...Although he started off late, at least something is done for the day. I pulak...melangut la dekat rumah inlaws...tgk abak2 buah yg dah besar panjang...(note: they stop bugging me already, i guess its hormones)

After taking my bath and dinner, we drove back home. I've been experiencing pains eveersince after dinner at the car and even right now...I talked sooo much in the car to take my mind off the pain...I guess Abg did not notice. hehe...

I guess malam nih pun sukar nak tidur kott...Since i don't have anymore edible poses to sleep soundly anymore...*sigh* Okay, turun bawah...fix something up maybe..or wat some art work...mandi lagi skali...hey, igaito bnyk juga activity boleh wat malam nih...hehe...

Wish me luck, guys! & Doakanlah baby and mommy slamat during delivery which may come anytime...:)

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