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Back pains, but I'm surviving

Found this in one of my books. Its kinda like a paper diary during 32 weeks of pregnancy...heheh...Sent it to my Japanese senseis in Tsuyama :)

What did I do today?

1. Sew ribbons on baby hanky to differ top, bottom and saliva usage...ehheh

2. Kemas album baby...hehe...Susun scan pictures. FYI, each scanned pic costs RM50 in SJMC :p

3. Tengok tv...sambil merenung kakiku yg bengkak, tp dah kurang sikit...hehe

Hari nih telah diisi dengan kerja2 yang berguna...I am happy. Yesterday I slept more than I was supposed to. But today, I even made accounting tracks for Abg, kemas handbag and asing2kan ubat...

I think I still need to find a method to sterillize using microwave, make daily routine checklist for after delivery and pack cotton balls I made before. Tadi borak2 dgn Yanna...cian dia, baru 33 weeks, tapi dah rasa sakit teruk (FYI, she's carrying twins)...Sorang2 plak tuh...hubby pi kerja...nak wat camne..

Okaylah...i need to take my bath, solat...pastuh sambung wat album baby. I wonder if I should follow Abg to Klang tomorrow. Kertas kerja xstart lagi nih...Need to study that too.

Baby dear,

Please come out at a convenience time for mommy and daddy, okay?

Mommy & Daddy


Unknown said...

the view of your tummy is cute!
semoga dipermudahkan waktu kelahiran nanti, insyaAllah :)

azya said...

besaaarrrrnyer ur tummy.

wahida said...

bestnya dh berehat di rumah. heh. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan nanti. Amin!

sha2samin said...


daahhh pregnant????

*pengsan* cool...
glad to see another mummy-to-be..
best2 :)