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Sorry for the looooong silence...I bet some may have known...

Saya sudah selamat melahirkan anak perempuan sulung saya on the 1st May 2009 at 2:46am. Baby girl saya is 3.97kg (thank you very much for healthy japanese food!) length is 48.50cm at that time.


NUR UYUNI BINTI SYARYFUDEEN (Maksudnya; Spring of life - Mata air dalam syurga - Pls refer Surah Al-Dakkhan)

Alhamdulillah Baby dan mommy sihat walafiat. Doc comment; "It was an easy delivery, no complications during the process"

Tapi, on the 1st day, my mom suspected something was wrong with her left arm. It was definitely weaker than the right one. Peads didn't mention anything at that time...just a bit of jaundice...that's all...

She was crying everytime i held her the wrong position, of course pada masa tu i didn't know about the bone...After 1 week at in-laws, i made an earlier check-up with peads, and they confirmed that my baby has a Left Clavicle Fracture...Kerana itulah bila breast feed on my right side, she cried the whole way. (In-laws like to tenyeh formula milk to her at that time, making me even more stressfull at that time :( )

Siapa kata melahirkan anak itu satu perkara mudah? Tolak sakit masa melahirkan, sakit pula masa berpantang. Keinginan nak breastfeed yang kadang2 tak kesampaian pada sesetengah orang...that is more stressful! ( Imagine tiap2 hari orang di sekeliling asyik berkata, "Susu badan tak cukup la tuh...biasalah...bukan semua orang sama...etc..etc..." - There was no moral support whatsoever at that time...)

Despite all those negative comments around, i managed to go through it for 1 week until i was at my mom's house. My mom supports breastfeeding a lot...because she was fully breast-fed when she was a baby. She knows a lot of goodness in it. She quickly prohibited me from using any formula milk at that time. Paksa baby suckle every 2 hours and after just 2 days, i was able to produce sufficient milk and tak perlu minum air panas suam bergelen2 before breast feeding. I AM HAPPY...Alhamdulillah!

Cabaran memang datang ketika kita dalam perubahan. For me, everything is a valuable experience. After this, I will remember to stand up to my rights as the mother and how i want to raise up my child, bukan mengikut kata orang sekeliling bagaikan lalang. About the baby's bone fracture, it was a clean cut...a stable fracture, therefore 100% self-healing...But of course, grandma is using her spiritual way of healing..(read: Ayat Quran, minyak dari Mekah etc...)

Please pray for my baby's health.


yumyum said...

im praying for your little uyui.Hope he arm heals soon amin.

yess, i totally agree with you. as a mother, we have to stand up for our child. , so we are the one who decides whats best for them. as for the suara2 sampingan itu, take it as an extra info. it not for them to decide how to raise ur baby . kalau rasa ada advice yg tak masuk akal , buat bodo je. coz thats what i did. hehe (even ada relatives yg tak penah kawin or beranak bagi nasihat itu ini .soo annoying)

me too had some problems with bf in the early weeks when ayra was born. tapi mmg kena kuat semangat. (luckily both mom n mil mmg pro bf.) tapi biasala org lama2 ni dia berdasarkan pengalaman sahaja. not much on facts. so gather all the infos as you can coz it can help you a lot during tough times.
n yang paling is doa dan tawakkal. insyaAllah evthing will be fine.

looking forward for uyunis 1st debut here! hehe

Azimah Mustapha said...

Fiza, congrat lagi.
Nak tgk gmbr baby.

dayerq said...

dearest fieza...

alhamdulillah..tak yah aku asyik tertanya tanya jer..hehehe

take care + congrates to the proud mummy...


cik puan daun said...

congrats fiza.. letak la gambar.. sure cute gilaa.. :)

i also support BF, so kalau ada apa-apa nak tanya just buzz me ok? i dont have your number but my number : 019 2510 549.

masa first week, mmg baby tak pandai nak hisap and kita pon tak berapa pandai nak bf-kan.. but i just let baby hisap laa.. (painful + dengan rahim mengecut mcm period pain) lama-lama alhamdulillah ok..

happy BF, and jangan lupa pump susu gak untuk stok nak masuk kerja.. start early pon ok.. since air susu masa ni mmg mencurah2.. ahahaa