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Dear Herald's translator...

I had  quick discussion with Mom and Dad regarding certain issues nd concluded that;

You can NEVER translate Jesus to Allah because they are not the same. Even if you try to translate and make it sound Malaysian-ish, Allah is NEVER equal tu Jesus. Therefore I am against the usage in this matter. And it is against the Aqidah to say they're equal or supports activities that encourages the purpose. Please get this matter straight & study before we muslims make any statements. Better to say No Comment rather than something controversional (esp. to sensitive issues)...

Although this issue has never been brought up when it happened in Eastern Malaysia some time ago or even in some Islamic countries in this world. I don't think we should follow them. I disagree to make Allah a common word because it's kata nama... Bukan kata ganti nama!

To dear translators out there, especially those who translate religion stuff. Plese be careful when translating. Don't try to spice up sentences simply using words that you individually consider common in certain society when actully its the total opposite. Do not make this FARAL ERROR. (<- Thanks to Apek, new word recalled)

Nasib baik aku buat transation manuals untuk electrical goods sahaja. I hope I didn't offend any rechargeable batteries' feelings during my translation process :) ihikksss..

Peace! (<- This is not a political )

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