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Yuni updates

Bosan lah… nak ckp kasal Yuni lah..

1. Yuni dah ada 2 batang gigi :) ngee… Hanya comel bila senyum, tak comel masa gigit my nipples.

2. Yuni sudah crawling secara official dan active!

3. She has this one habit of menetek masa meniarap. Started when she was 5 month old. I was too tired to lie on my side, so I moved her on her tummy and bf. Sampai sekarang she likes that position… hehe

4. Yuni doesn’t like the sippy cup! Rugi jer aku beli… caitt! She wants to drink like all of the others do. Yes, from the cup.

5. She’s half way to saying “Allahuakbar” everytime Nenek says that, she’ll follow.

6. Yuni dah pandai tegur orang… hehe Tegur ayah lain, tegur Nenek lain, tegur Atuk lain… Mama dia tak tegur… terus buat that “I want you” cry.

7. Yuni tak takut orang :) Comfortable with everyone hugging her or kissing her dengan syarat-> Tak panas and moving

8. Cepat boring… doesn’t like toys yang biasa.. she wants BOOKS!!

9. She loves the cats! Tenyeh2 dengan kaki dia… Sorry, mama tak kasi pegang dengan tangan.

10. Gets distracted easily with t.v especially adverts.

11. Yuni is full of expressions :)

12. She likes to be on the driver seat with Ayah… That’s the moment she don’t want mama anymore… cait!!

And lots more which I cannot write down sebab sgt xde mood… Only thinking of getting back home as fast as I could.


Oklah… Enjoy Yuni’s pics :) These are all in Linggi Melaka (Atok’s farm)

"I guess this is my playhouse for today"

"Eh? why are you there and I'm here in this hot tent??"

"So, are you going to pick me up or not?"

"Mama nak angkat! Yuni panasss ni!!"

Ayah tgh mesin rumput

Ayah posing :)

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fiezaradzi said...

seronok kan tgk baby mbesar.. fieza, aku tukar blod add ye..