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Yuni, Atok & Pringles


Yuni, Atok & Pringles :)





Above are a few poses My Yuni did for Pringles BBQ Flavour... heheh
I took the shot quite some time ago, as Yuni still had her original Beckam style hair... heheh (Sekarang dah xde, since rambut dah panjang)

I went to KLIA last Tuesday to see Ohkawa-san... He came to Malaysia for a short audit visit to JB... Datang KL dulu hehe... Yes, he was shocked to see us, since it was supposed to be a surprise. Heh.

He said I slimmed down compared to when I was single... *WoW* The power of breastfeeding or the power of carrying Yuni all over.. hehe

Mak Ngah Emi had gone off to KLIA... She's going back to Ireland. Cuti 1 week je. She had fun shopping (most of the time) here in Malaysia. I did not go to sent her off in KLIA. I know Yuni is sooooo tired and neede her beauty sleep. So, we stayed at home.

Ok lah, I need to continue my translation job. I got 2 major ones due early March. *Alhamdulillah* Things are going well with my economy condition already. Current job, Translation, Forex and Facebook. hehehe...

Can't wait tilll Yuni's buggy arrive. Heh.

Good nite people! Have a good weekend. (Tinggal esok je tho)

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