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Yuni's trip to KLIA @ 10 months young

Yuni and mama at KLIA menyambut Ohkawa-san

Setelah 4 hari 3 malam di Jeram, Selangor for Induksi Khusus... I am back to normal life and civilisation. hehe Got a whole new stock of friends from other agencies which reminds me of school years back about 10 years? BTN, Kem Bina Semangat etc. *sigh* I really like the ending of the induction. I brought Yuni and Ayah along to Jeram. They stayed at Pantai Indah SeaView Resort... the only nearest lodging that area. While I ber-kursus in the day...  Ayah and Yuni went berjalan2 tepi pantai, tengok kolam memancing, went to the swimming pool etc. Kiranya Yuni pon pergi kursus juge lah ek... heheh

Other than that, tak sabar nak dapat gaji 2 bulan nih... hehe I need to book chalet kat Pulau Tioman this June :) Alang2 dah pi wedding Tuty, singgah Tioman. Have not yet been there. Ayah is excited about it. Yuni tak paham ape2 lagi... hehe At that time, we should have a buggy to put Yuni in. I am sure she'll like it :)

Anyway, nak cerita satu RAHSIA. Actually kan... I have this set of underwears (hipster style) beli dekat Jepun and I have been using it for a while even masa mengandung... hehe So, after Yuni dah 10 months nih baru la terasa kelondehannya... heheh Kadang2 masa berjalan tuh boleh londeh sampai peha! Carik timing nak angkat semula... hahaha

Kalau nak tahu sekarang ada environment friendly underwears :) Made out of organic materials. Sloggi is the name. Meaning, that when you're done wearing it and it's not anymore appropriate to be donated, it could be buried in soil. hehehe Lessens garbage disposal :) I am yet to know about the price (I do hope it's reasonable tho)... It's quite famous in other parts of the world. Ada sesiapa tahu Sloggi ada jual kat Mydin tak?

P/S: I should be considering to buy new underwears. (Nope, you shouldn't consider it.. You should just buy it.. hhahaha


cik puan daun said...


Rasanya macam takder je jual kat Mydin. Ni spender High End nih. Jual kat Triumph nyer kaunter. Harga dalam rm29 sepasang (kalau tak silap lah). Ahakss.

fieza said...

La.. xde kat Mydin ker.. hehe

RM29 tu kira high standard nye harga ke? Dah lama xpi beli underwears.. hehe

cik puan daun said...

fiza, gua beli sepender skiva 3 or 2 for rm10 aje.. ahahah sehelai rm29 tu mahal le bagi gua. :P

fieza said...

I see...
Beli spender buasa kat Mydin je lah... heheh