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Earth day 2010

If you ask me about being friendly to the environment/ to the world... I would probably associate it to my experiences in Japan. I lived in Japan for 4 years to further my studies in Engineering. As far as I remember, Japanese are very active in promoting and applying "Green". Their culture practices green everywhere in daily life. For instance, they are very strict in Re-cycle work. From organic waste (food that we consume everyday) to big unwanted furniture/wood/metal/electronic waste. Promoting waste recycling by offering $$ to houses that has unwanted giant waste... to prevent them from disposing it into the rivers etc.

Each community in Japan has their own waste disposal schedule for the whole year. This helps housewives to even plan their meals everyday. For instance, the organic waste will be picked up on each Wednesday of the week, therefore, they'll have fish for dinner on Tuesday night. This is to prevent raw fish smell of organic waste in the house. They will quickly be able to get rid of it the next day. *Marvellous, isn't it?*

In buildings, schools and even factories in Japan are practicing to set their air-conditioner to 27 deg in Summer, to save energy. Housewives put barrels out during the rain to collect water for external house usage... Such as cleaning the pavement door, washing cars or even watering the plant. By watering their house pavement, it reduces the area's temperature to 2 degrees. *Fascinating!*

Children are taught at early age to plant trees, not to litter and to use bags instead of plastic bags when shopping. These normal general earth-loving-education is not forced by the ministry etc... But, they are willingly done by teachers at schools/nursery/kindergarden. Their civic senses are far beyond any other countries in the world as far as I know.

I have once tried to start a recycling culture at home, I even gather leaves & organic wastes to make compost and Alhamdulillah, my mother still continues the work.. Plus, we get to enjoy better Rambutan fruits from the tree in the lawn :) Even Allah reminds us to be friendly to every living creature in the planet. Why cut down trees a.k.a destroying their houses? Why pollute the air and kill the birds? Why pollute the sea and mutate the fishes? Be wise and share the information with our children and others. May we benefit and live a longer and peaceful life here on earth. Amin.

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