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Rumah baru, (cari) kerja baru?

My bakal rumah :)

As per Dad's request, I visited the bakal rumah next year *if the bank passes my loan*

To tell you the truth, this house is the only *quite big* house yg I mampu nak beli *read: I* With the dream to refinance after 5 years and apply G-loan yang hampir berkecai since nak corpratize dah... *sigh*

Indeed I do not favour much of the location since it is too near the ILs (tak habis2 lg grudge nih ker??) Plus it's like just a few seperate lots from the one I'm buying. *God, Help us!* But, I have to Redha (bak kata Yong) since I hope this will help Abg to boost up income for his cendawan business.

Quite a number of colleagues are already surveying their "Back-up" plans for the future. Being corpratised, means losing privilege of "pencen"... The privilege of getting a lot of holidays, I suppose? I am not sure of how things are going to be for now... But, I am positively sure that there are a lot of people Worried to Death about their welfare and benefits in the future.

Me? I am already eyeing on some other jobs, like the one in Didie's place.. hehe Location wise? Oklah! It will be Ok after I move into my new house :) Geng wise? Ada Didie! hehe.. Other than that? I don't know... At least I will use my Japanese and English ASAP... hehe (kinda rusty for a while after joining G-men)

I am beginning to feel like those 2 rats in the *Who Moved My Cheese* Book. here and there... here and there.. I don't mind chage :) At least for the better.

Nota kaki: Adakah aku xsesuwai kerja berprotokol as such pakaian etc.?

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