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Jangan ikut cakap orang bulat2, investigate dulu laa....

 Aku tahu bulan puasa, kita perlu mengawal nafsu Amarah. Ya, aku sedang berusaha, tapi, kena jugak cerita.

Well, there is this on K*R**n guy in my Team. (Yes, the * is a nationality). I am not judging him on his nationality, because I have seen more decent human being from his Country. Therefore, please ignore the Nationality.

Yes, and memang bulan Puasa. Tp, orang tuh tak puasa! Pasal tuh dia bleh buat menda sesuka hati.

Ok. kita buat kerja ikut standard. Follw the Rules la wei budak... Nak kata budak, xbudak dah... 27 tahun tuh, setahun muda jer.. Tapi, memang xreti buat kerja!

Kenapa ko suka2 hati aje buat Solution tanpa merujuk L2?? Kenapa ko pandai2 jer, sebab 1 user buat mcm tuh, lain User pun sama? Hello?? Condition User lain daripada satu sama lain. How can you say something permanent without even seeking advice from L2? Is ti because your English is like Taik Lembu?? That's why you try to prepare the simplest Solution to user, is it? You want easy job, is it?

Well, let me tell you this. Baru masuk kerja memang la dapat kerja senang, bodoh! Kalau ko dah nak dekat setahun, tak kan orang still nak kasi ko kerja senang??!! Stupid dum dum la ko nih! If you know the job is not simple, then face it lah! Work hard about it!

And you are so stubborn, egoist MALE! You won't even provide me with a ticket for Reference. Kedekut? Stingy or you have just realized your mistake? Hah! Memang dari dulu bangsa EGOist! Tak reti mintak maaf? I mean, among collegues, just a simple Sorry would do, but YOU?

Do you think that by making an apology, meaning that you would throw your pride away? Kalau you CEO fo the company, maybe aku paham lah... Tapi, ko kuli bangsat je ok... Oopppsss... Crossed the border line? Aku pon kuli bangsat jugak... Tapi, xderlah sebangsat ko.

Ok, enough with the shoutings in the heart. heh.

I am planning not to talk to him anymore. Yes, he has been making my life miserable and I hate him. I even hate myself more for believeing him and following his stupid solutions.

Yes, I won't be manipulatized by him anymore. I am bringing up the fences and my Guards. Go away Stupid Man!

P/S: Excuse me, I know it's Ramadhan. But I can't stand it. Especially when Didie-chan is away on Holidays.

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