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Urut Tradisional

Alhamdulillah, After Yuni recovered from the fever, we managed to go to Klang for Urut Tradisional.

I have been hearing BAD RUMORS regarding people (far relatives) which died because they went for Urut Tradisional. Mom was telling me that my cousin's in-laws family in Melaka died due to Urut Tradisional.

Okay, the explanation to this (by My Mother) is that Urut Tradisional breaks the blood cells. Therefore if you have high fever or just had an accident. Don't go for urut. I am not sure whether this is true or not. At least Doctor Muthu does not believe it. Heh.

Ok, the last time I got urut-ed was last year 3 days after delivery. It went on for 3 days, I guess that's common. After that, I have not been urut-ed until last Sunday when I just have to try to solve my leg/spine problem.

Oh dear, this lady/makcik is very talkative, but very good. It was torture during the urut process. Of course, this lady explained that my URAT has been tangled like thread tangled. Wow, she could know that by just urut-ing my leg. Serious sakit giller. She informed me, due to awkward movements or positions of my body, my URAT has been tangled ever since. This is causing my spine to loose energy everytime I try to carry myself up.

My body has never been better after the URUT. But, today, I have these muscle tiredness/ache? I guess it's normal. I don't feel any pain when stepping on the stairs and I'm glad it's all over.

Moral of this story;

Jangan simpan penyakit. Go seek for medical or tradisional help.


P/S; Kalau berminat sila lah contact saya... Only RM40/2 hour urut.

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