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Muhasabah 2010

Salam Jumaat semua! dan Salam New Year's Eve!

Still in office. Yes, kerja. Sebab apa? Sebab I tak kerja kilang lg dah... Tuh yang kerja sampai ke 31st Dec 2010. Is it a BIG deal not to get holidays at the end of the year? No lah! hehehe...

Sebenarnya, bercerita tentang NEW YEAR, reminds me of NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. But, to make a good new year resolution, it s best to reflect the previous year's activities, achievements and failures. There are a few questions which was brought up to my mind after a "muhasabah" talk with dear senpai, K.Dianna yesterday.

1. Have I been taking care of my solat this year?
2. Have I been taking care of the food and source of food I consumed this year?
3. Have I been rude to my hubby, parents and in-laws?
4. Have I been fair to others?
5. Was I "ikhlas" in all my doings?

There was so much to ponder. So much to correct, muhasabah and change in myself. Was I too focused on the wrong reasons in life? Yes, I think I have sinned quite a lot this year. I think I have not been fair to my hubby, have not been a good, solehah wife. Because I was too "distracted" by the temporary world, that I forgot to remind myself that I need to be thankful by being more obedient to Allah.

Yes, Allah gave me a good "rezeki" and I have never been so thankful all my life for the opportunities that he had given me... Which in the end, was meant for me to open my eyes on what I have been doing all the time.

Ya Allah, I am so glad you have met me with the most wonderful friends, muslim and muslimah.
Ya Allah, thank you very much by opening my eyes to dakwah.
Ya Allah, thank you very much for giving me good life and health, though I have been a forgetfull slave.
Ya Allah, please do remember me always because I promise to myself that I will NEVER ever be apart from you anymore.

Ya Allah, thank you for being there for me when I needed you though I was so foolish to not remeber you during my good times. Yes, I regret for not being good to you. I regret all the wrong doings I did and the bad things I kept in my heart.

Ya Allah, I would like to seek your forgiveness. Please forgive me for neglecting and procastinating my duties which you have set. Yes, I was too distracted by the world. I put my priorites to KPI instead of on-time Solat. Please forgive me!

Ya Allah, my resolution next year is to become a better Muslimah, better slave. From this time onwards, I will put my priorities to you. I will remember you at ALL times and I strive to complete my duties... Please give me strength!

No, I have not given up on you nor my life. Though I think I should express my gratitude more, explain my foolishness here so that when the net time I re-read this, I will be able to muhasabah others too.

Ya Allah, please help me become what I wish for Your blessings. Thank you.

Thank you dearest Allah for the gifts and blessings all these years.

Thank you!


madoct10 said...

Fiza...akak pun nak ucapkan Selamat Tahun Baru.. semoga kita berubah ke arah yang lebih baik dari yang sekarang.

HW said...

Selamat Tahun Baru!

Amin atas segala doa2! :D


fieza said...

Terima kasih semua!!

Tak pernah tulis perkara sebegini sebelum ni... Insaf dan akan berusaha untuk lebih baik!