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Started Tumblr!!

Haha.. Another place to throw out things on my mind. Actually dari dulu I wonder what the hell is TUMBLR. I see it not any different than a blog only tinier. Ya, saya tidaklah sebegitu up to date.

But, this evening, Aimi, my Sis showed me her TUMBLR on her iPhone, terus jatuh chenta! kah kah kah..
I find it tak sebesar blogspot, so easier to update using iPhone. Facebook is another option, tp agak cramp. Kalau tgk guna PC, oklah... but cannot bring PC every where, right? Twitter pon ok jer... Just that to view pics only by links.

So, leaves me to tumbler. Not that I want to tell the whole world about myself, just that it's fun to share... Especially about Yuni :P

(yah, mcmlah sebelum ni tak show-off dengan Yuni in other social networks..)

Facebook: Good to update status yang memerlukan pendapat (supaya orang dapat komen dengan senang dan senang dibaca) Good to send out invitation, to create groups(senang untuk aktiviti) Good to share a BUNDLE of pitures especially after a wedding... heheh

Twitter: Good to update status pendek (limited word) Good to stalk or get gossips of Artist (eh, I do that!) Tidak se-packed FB, so you won't have to receive notifications when some just wants to "like" your status.. lol! I use Twitter to get latest updates on Traffic Conditions everytime before going back home.. hihi

Blog: Good for loooooooong story telling/ bragging/ information sharing... An easy way to explain longer and more detail so that you don't need to answer any comments everytime. However, not everyone reads your blog. So, if perlukan FAST feedback... You won't get it FAST on the spot.

Tumblr: Easier to update that blog. However, everything is one at a time. Simple to get your thoughts straight at that precise timing. Tapi, kalau nak simpan hati dan perasaan lama2 dan luahkan sekali gus. Better take some time to open your PC and start the "karangan" in Blog. heheh

For some, too much social network accounts can be a hassle. Like my parents, they created FB Account and forgets the User ID and password 5 min later. LOL! Ok, ada banyak sangat Account so do not know how to balance or even focus on one.

To me it's just a matter of dividing your priorities and get to know how often you are online and the method of being online(PC, iPhone, BB, iPad etc.) and not to forget how fast your internet provider is. hehe (Currently, I am happy with uMobile after more than 2 years)

p/s: When you work with computers everyday, you tend to have al social networks account.. hehe (macam sayalah!)

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