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Sawajiri Erika is in Malaysia for holiday :P


Today I want to talk about a Japanese Female Artist which I have watched her Dramas on TV during University years. However, after coming home back to Malaysia, I was a bit stunned of what she became after 6 years...

Her name is 沢尻エリカ(Sawajiri Erika). Last time I saw her in a Drama is when she is playing in the Main Role of "1 Litter of Tears". That maybe was her first big appearance for me. As I wasn't really a big fan of models etc.

However, I was really touched by the Drama. And my first impression was she's an innocent girl who maybe become a big IDOL one day.

But, lately while I was reading news online. I was a name which is familiar ut I never took any concern of the Artis name. It was Sawajiri Erika. I said, WoW! There was so many news related to her about her being Married and Divorced, stubborn and pain in the ass.

I was shocked! I mean, she was this little sweet girl and yet after the years, she turned into Japan Monster! hahaa...

I mean, what the hell happened to her? Are the news all just gossips? Is the rumors true?

I guess it must be true. Since she went on TV expressing her regret to the world with tears on her cheek. But, still there are still people saying that she was only pretending to be regretful and she she was insincere with what she said. There were also conflicts which people spread out the Survey she has written in the internet. It was written, My Best Act: Able to cry fast(早なき). Oh, people on the net are just so mean.

Well, I don't really know which source to trust. But, I just hope that she will change to be  the sweet innocent girl I used to know. I mean, she's beautiful and sweet. If she could have just be nice, she would have excelled in entertainment Industry :)

Just my 2 cents.

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