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Self picture snap

Kids nowadays.. Not only they love to change iPhone settings from normal mode to plane mode, they also know how to manuvere the camera.

Yuni was with my iPhone the whole day yesterday. After checking what she has done to it today, there were like several pics of her ambik sendiri.. Kah kah kah!!

I have to monitor her movements nowadays to make sure she doesn't make a mess of the room by playing with the powder for instance. *sigh*

In the other hand, she knows how to differ between toys and food. Although sometimes she does put pieces in her mouth, but she oftens come back to me to vomit it. *lucky!*

She now is able to pronounce words better and faster. She mimicks all adults words, of course not yet fully knowing what it means! Oh, she loovess to sing the " Ibuuuuuuu Ibuuuuuuuu Engkaulahhhh Ratuuuuuuu Hatikuuuuuuuu" which we only taught her 2 days earlier. Hihihi..

Yes, I am an "Oya Baka", but I tell you it's normal for parents to be so :)

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