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Sunday outing with aunties and uncle

Today we had an outing trip with uncle Apek, Aunty Tuty and Aunty Elmi. A special event before Tuty goes into delivery and confinement. Heh.

We had lunch @ Capriccasio in Sunway Pyramid after a quick breakfast and play time (for Yuni) at McDonalds. The food @Capriccasio was superb! And the price was reasonable too. The only comment I would make is that there are too much Nepals working as waiters. We had a misunderstanding with the waiter about the size of the glass :P Plus, he almost make us give them the change of the bill. *gulp* Thanks a lot to Elmi for making everything clear ( Elmi admitted that she could understand because her company has quite a number of Nepal foreign workers)

Anyway, it was an exciting outing for me and Yuni. We had a few 珍プレー from Yuni and I guess did trouble Apek for sometime... Thank you Uncle Apek for helping to carry the 11 kg of Yuni... May I repeat; there is no resemblance of Cigah and Yuni *smirk*

Thank you to Tuty too for picking us up and sending us home! I think Yuni already recognize Aunty Tuty's Honda Fit. All in all it was a great time catching up stuffs with everyone, though we've met last month.. Hihihi.. Thank you too for rearranging the schedule for us *Awwwww*

P/S: To Apek, tiada baby yg tak menangis dan tak menyusahkan..


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