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Yeay! Found you~

Get ready people! Aside from FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogspot... etc... I have started up on Posterous (read in Malay tongue: Pos terus) hehehe...

Hey look! With just one update, I get to update ALLLLLLLLLLLL my social network to keep my fans friends entertained :P My hard work has actually pulled through after a long series of Seach (thank you to Google) Plus, I am now able to update using my iPhone :P (means; More updates on Yuni!! *slap*

My previous update was regarding the *LS. Apek was hoping that they are not on my FB list. I am totally not going to elaborate more on this. Cause it's going to be a loooooong "love & hate" saga. I just needed a space to release my feelings, that's all. (plus the fact that Abg is not really an excellent listener compared to Yong... kan Yong??)

Actually, I tend to keep kazoku out of the social networking picture of mine. Mainly for the reason that we will be facing a long term relationship and it is best to keep is as "talam dua muka". Best reason to be considerate on others feelings. Unless they are our soulmates, siblings which is always and ever will be there for you. Those who share your up and downs fo decades... Yes, they could understand. Other than that... I doubt so...

People are free to have first.. second.. third.. impression and they are seriously FREE to give opinions regardless what others will say. It's a free country (except is you say something about politics... mungkin akan disiasat) Therefore, I believe that I can be honest about my feelings.

But what if other's say things that we do not like to hear? Or even give comments on an issue which we(for the sake of pride, or shame, or EGO) would not like to accept? -> Senang saja... We block them from accessing any of our private "cyber" life.

Of course, the best way to settle the problem is to forgive and accept, but never forget :)

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