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Ayamas SS15 Subang Jaya


I am not really a chicken fan, I stopped being one after grad form5 @STF in 1995. Back in school, chicken was everyone's favourite. Maybe because the fishes aren't coocked as delicious as the chickens, or maybe it's just part of growing up. Heh.
Ayamas in SS15 alamak.. Susah giller nk parking, nk access. Need someone to wait in the car. So unless hari raya, or boring makan ikan, pilah redah jem.
Until this last year end, Ayamas brought up delivery service! Good thinking! Yesterday, when I went there to buy next week's stock, they had more Ayamas stuff and extra staff. This is good improvement and innovation. Kudos!

Another new thing I discovered, they had a display video @ the cashier showing how rge chickens in Ayamas were processed. Thanks, but to much information. Banyak pula information yg disediakan. The more info, the more questions will be brought up by customers. Dari sah Halal nnt kalu jd ragu-ragu macam mana? Lose Sales taw nnt. Hihihi.

Just my 2 cents. Ayamas ganbare!!

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