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Red rose per staff @work?!

There are a lot of unexpected experience lately in the office. Being me, western-company-naive, of course. Previously, I had only experiences in Japanese Co. (let's not consider I** as experience cause that one is Japanatized oredi)

For some, the below are such normal benefits, but to me it's a whole big awesome thing:

1. Up to date, easy and full technology system. Lotus access @home. A systematic way of connecting with other co-companies around the world faster and efficient. We don't have to walk around and carry a piece of paper fir sample. We don't have to waste shipments when there are other local options.

2. Free access to any beverage! Take anything any much any time. Coffee, tea, horlicks etc. Coffee machine, water cooler, water heater, fridge with daily milk stock! It's a bliss to be in the pantry.

3. Save the walking energy and time. Everything can be remoted.

4. Subsidised cheap and delicious food! The most important thing is NO MAMAK food anymore.

5. Free stationeries! No need to write in a piece of paper and wait for one or two months for supplies. Please take as much as you need.

6. Wonderful set of POSITIVE thinking and attitude people. No more kepochi. No more daily complaining.

7. Start off first year with 17days of AL. No panel clinics. Go to wherever you like, get an MC, get the receipt. Claim.

8. Get free cakes from gourmet chef every Friday evening. Get free roses for no occassion. Get discounted products!

Oh, these people really knows how to satisfy their staff and workers. You can see happy faces at work. No one scolding at each other. No one talking behind their backs. Almost too good to be true.
But face it, if the employer treats their workers superb, they'll get superb results. Period.

Yes, I'm loving and living it at my fullest heart now.


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madoct10 said...

amboi..kat mana tu??