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Blood O type needed!


Let me tell you a story of my pak ngah (uncle). My uncle is a very kind, pemurah and hard working person. He cooks for the family, but he's not a chef. He cleans the house and take care of his grandchildren after pension. My Pak Ngah has a sensitive stomach. He is sensitive to not well prepared food/cooking. Because of that he is very particular with the restaurants he eats. Plus that is why he prefers to cook. And damn he cooks delicious food!!

Lately, he had irregular heart beat symptom. It beats fast sometimes even when he is resting. So, aimi, my doctor sister asked him to see a doctor. Last 3 weeks, he was diagnosed that 90% of his arteries are blocked. Imagine a person who cooks at home, peculiar with the food he consumes, seldom eats putside food has to do a bypass.

Insaf tau. I mean imagine other Malaysians who don't ever give a thought regarding what they eat. But, still it is ketentuan Allah...

Pak Ngah is going for a surgery next week on Tuesday. He needs fresh O type blood on that day. Me and Abg is planning to go for a blood test this Friday to check whether we could donate blood for his surgey. Insyaallah...

Please help pray for the success of my Pak Ngah's surgery next Tuesday.

Thank you. Peace!

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