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Tapioca flour-ed Yuni

We use tapioca flour as subsitute for baby powder. Less chemical, safer to the baby skin and safer to prevent rashes in the pampers. In addition CHEAP!

But, I never teach her to put it on the face... No, this is curiosity's result.

Yuni now can say 4 words sentence. Sings Insyaallah (Maher Zain) perfectly at " Insyaallah3x.. You'll find the waaayyy" Notice at the "way" she puts on a vibrato style same as Maher Zain. Yes, fascinating.. She still zikirs but even clearer and with tone. Heh.

She knows to ask to go to the loo, knows when and how to ask for diaper change. And even when she's sleepy, she knows how to drag mama or nenek imto the room. Oh, she also recognuzes fruits, animals and now able to call out their name. Alhamdulillah...

I am sure that parents, grandparents if any child is proud of kids achivement. So do I.


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