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We moved upstairs!


Much had changed since last week. Career wise, lifestyle, etc. I am still adapting to cooking late night and early in the morning to make tomorrow's lunch. I am also adapting to tge room upstaris. The room before Yuni arrived :) Eversince I delivered Yuni, we moved to the ground floor room, for easy access to the kitchen, toilet etc. Imagine labouring a 3.97kg baby from a 10cm dialated vagina. I wouldn't want to climb stairs!!

Anyway, the ground floor room has been Yuni's room. After we moved back upstairs, she would still want to sleep in the ground floor room. She still mistaken to sleep there everytime I call her to sleep.

But today, I noticed that she doesn't mind having her own bed at night without mommy by her side. Contrast to that, she would not want to sleep upstairs without me along. Huhuhu. Cute. Being me with a new lifestyle, I needed to finish all food preparation tomorrow, wash dishes etc. I usually get everything done by 11:30pm. By that time, Yuni will fall asleep on the sofa in the living room. It has been a routinr for 4 days now. I am still carrying her upstairs.

Yuni's liking the upstairs room now. More things, more adventure. Countless water and powder spills in the room.. She's now able to open a mineral water cap or any containers the same style. I somehow like this kind of lifestyle. Busy hectic but rewarding once i get to lie on the bed at night. What a productive day! I would say to myself. Hihihi.
Plus, I'm happier now. I don't have to think about office politics, no jem, fuel-saving vehicle. I couldn't just ask for more.

Alhamdulillah Allah for Your mercy.

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