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"Ya Allah!" at the end of the slide

Lately, my daughter, Yuni is good at luring me and granny to the playground.

As we get dressed, she will come and hug us saying ; "Ikut" or "Main". And I will say to her ; "Weekends only".

Lesson learned to never promise your child something that you don't intend to give or do. Trust me they will remember it forever. For example, I was putting Yuni to sleep. While she was in the cradle, I said, "Mommy will bring you to the playground later this evening. So, go to sleep ok?"

After she slept, I continued to do some work upstairs until 5pm, heard Yuni knocking on the door shoutig "Main!! Main!!" means "Play!! Play!!" in Malay.

Opened the door and persistenly asked me to bring her to the playground. I guess she slept dreaming about the playground. LOL.

Even though I did take her to the playground, I made it clear up until today that the we will only go on the weekends. Period. Manja, manja jugak. Discipline is still discipline.

P/S: Ya Allah at the end of the slide was the influence of Astro 106 cerita "Para Pencari Tuhan"

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