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A double mother fight


Yesterday, I had an argument with mom. I don't really understand why she got so puffed up with my KWSP statement. First, let me introduce my mother;

1. My mother is an economic-freak. She keeps money like the world is going to be in poverty the next day.

2. Based on (1), she doesn't buy her own clothes. She only receives them from her sisters.

3. Based on (1), she had late grandma to take care of us, her children.

So, she had all the time in her life to collect and save for... I am not sure what reason... Future?


So, I bought a house in Klang. Took out all the money from Acc 2 of KWSP to payoff the 10% downpayment. (Well, we paid 12%) So, after a while working the money built up to RM5k. She took a peek at the statement on the table (which my stupid brother put there) and I don't know for what reason, she was pissed off. Huh?

The tone I heard last night was "Take care of your own child if you don't really have anything in your KWSP" WTH? It was the statement in June which pissed her off because there was a reduction in amount. Errr... Ada masalah?

 I am not sure of what she was expecting with me. But, here is what I got to say;

"Please be patient laaa... Once the house is ready, I'll be OUT. You don't have to take care of your grandchild. You don't have to worry about my financial status. So, in the meantime, shut one eye from looking at me and worry about your other childrens."

Just because I am not even a bit similar to you, doesn't mean I am the worst. Just because I don't spend like you, doesn't mean I am BOROS, ok? Anyway, it's a bit too late to change any of your child now just because you did not preach them enough to become like you.

This is my personal opinion. I think she must have met someone yesterday, in specific. It was either the person condemned her or she was comparing her own child to the other person's child, probably similar condition. OR my best theory is that she had nothing else to think about yesterday, so sengaja cari pasal? OR she could be too tired of taking care of her ONLY grandchild, so she was trying to piss me off on purpose. (sebab apa? My hubby's usual badminton practice yesterday pon asyik tanya2 lagi... Haishh, psycho)


For whatever reason, I am sooo not going to get ALL Over this silly stupid incident. Because, I believe in what I am doing right now has the best interest in my husband, my child. So, I don't give a damn what other people say, that includes my family(and whatever extensions there are through marriage).

I totally understand that sometimes family's "teguran" is sometimes membina dan menyedarkan. But, totally not like yesterday. It's just not. Period.



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yerq said...

dear.i do o feel you.mothers do comparing patient.:)