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2008 Akeome!

First few jobs for New Year;

1. Feed the cats
2. Wash the dishes
3. Washed the clothes
4. Bring washed clothes upstairs

Nothing actually changed. Despite yesterday around midnight.... nearby were a few continuous police sirens. Plus at 10:00 pm last night, the police closed down KESAS to USJ entry which leaves the only entry to Subang is the Jalan Kewajipan....And at the same time, they made a Stupid ROAD BLOCK there.

Alo Pak.... I want to get home early...It took me 1 hour to just move 300m. That didn't count 2 cars broke down along the slow "kure-kure" jam. 1 car I dunno what's the problem....But the trailer to pull their car was behind me the whole hour. And one car was overhauled, I guess.... right in the middle of the road.

What a bummer time to enjoy New Year's Eve.

Plus, due to the construction of new Highway 3 tingkat in Subang.... This year for the 1st time I couldn't even get a glimpse of the fire works at Sunway Pyramid. *sigh*
Well at least one thing for sure.... No more pencuri. Thank you for the Police around even on holidays....Now me and my family, plus all our neighbour can sleep in safely without worries.

2008 Shinnen Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!

May 2008 will be even better than 2007.

p/s: Lepas nih nak tgk marathon wayang dgn Abg...hehehe...Will tell you that later...Chioww!

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